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Abhiraj's Dev-letter - Issue #9

Howdy my fellow subscribers! Welcome the 9th edition of Abhiraj’s Dev-letter.

Must-reads of the week
Must-reads of the week.
2022 has rolled in and if you have been thinking of getting into programming, this is the time. Here’s an article to help you steer clear of any confusions you might have in choosing a language to start with.
5 programming languages that can make it big in 2022
Yes, we all know CSS can be a bit… tough at a times. With these 10 awesome tips, I’m sure you can make it easier for you.
10 CSS tips you need to know right now.
Product launches you can't miss.
Tech news around the world
SpaceX’s Starlink internet service has more than 145,000 users so far
This is how WhatsApp plans to change the way you receive your messages
Google Photos removes ability to disable video backups over mobile data
And thats it!
So we’ve come to the end of this edition and I hope you like it.
Until next time,
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