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Abhiraj's Dev-letter - Issue #7

Wishing you and your family health, peace, and prosperity this holiday season!

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
Must-reads of the week
2022 is surely knocking on the door and you really need to keep up with web design trends. Here are all the trends which will make it big in 2022.
5 web design trends you need to know before 2022 | by Abhiraj Bhowmick | Dec, 2021 | Medium
Is your site having problems with SEO and you cannot afford people to set it up? Well, all you need now is 5 minutes to spare and read the following article.
How to SEO?. When building out your website, you’ll… | by Abhiraj Bhowmick | Dec, 2021 | Medium
Tweets of the week
Abhiraj Bhowmick
5 Web Design Trends for 2022 you need to know. 👨‍💻✨

A thread 🧵👇

#javascript #webdev #programming #webdeveloper #webdesign #design #coding
Abhiraj Bhowmick
10 websites for developers which are hidden gems💎(Part 1)

A thread🧵👇

#coding #webdeveloper #webdev #javascript #programming #css
Abhiraj Bhowmick
10 No-code tools you can use to build mobile apps right now💻✨

(No-coding experience needed)

A thread 👇🧵
#nocode #webdev #appdev #ios #android #webdeveloper #programming #javascript #coding
A Christmas gift
Pro-modoro - Your ultimate productivity station | Product Hunt
This week we launched our brand new product on Christmas eve.
Presenting Pro-modoro, your ultimate productivity station.
A productivity tool like no other. Pomodoro, to-do, soundscape…. you name it. With pro-modoro, you can now unlock your flow state.
This is has been an awesome project to work on. I’ve tried to create a great tool with nothing but HTML, CSS and JS. This tool is also open source so you can contribute. If you like this tool, a star on the Github Repo would mean the world for us.
Tech news around the world
Prepare for 2022 With These Developer Tools
The Craze for NFTS and the Downsides
MIT Licensed Software: Fashionable Or Dead
Adios and Happy Holidays!
So with this issue, we end this awesome year. See you in 2022!
Until next time,
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