Abhiraj's Dev-letter - Issue #6



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Hiya my fellow subscribers! Hope you’re doing well. Welcome to the 6th edition of Abhiraj’s Dev-letter

Must-reads of the week
This week has mainly been a CSS appreciation week and so here’s my posts from this week.
15 awesome CSS animation libraries you need to know.
10 Tailwind resources for you to make better websites
Here's my top tweets if you missed them
Abhiraj Bhowmick
10 websites to get beautiful stock videos 🎥📸

A thread 👇🧵

#stockvidoes #webdev #webdeveloper #programming
Tech News around the world
If you are new to the blockchain, you can learn everything you need to know about NFTs right here
How the NFT Art Market Works
Now we all know about Log4j which is a widely used open-source logging library for Java applications. But what does its introduction mean for the internet?
What the Log4j Incident Means for Open Source and the Entire Internet
Product Launches you can't miss
Thanks for reading and goodbye! Stay tuned to my Twitter for more threads on programming. Have a great one!
Until next time,
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Abhiraj @rainboestrykr

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