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Abhiraj's Dev-letter - Issue #4

Happy December and welcome to the 4th edition of Abhiraj’s Dev-letter. Hope you all are doing well.

Must-reads of the week.
So as you probably know by now, that I give 10 JS snippets for you to write efficient code faster, every week and we have come to the 2nd last version. Have a good read!
Javascript snippets you need to know right now. (Part 4)
Are you new to automation testing? You want to learn more about automation testing in an easy way? Fret not! Here’s an easy tutorial from the blog of UI-licious, who make testing a piece of cake.
What is Automation Testing? Why You Should Use Automated Tests?
If you are fed up with Angular or React, there’s a trusted player in the market by the name of EmberJS and you can know everything you need before learning EmberJS.
EmberJS Basic Framework Introduction: Javascript, Search Engine Optimization, & Web Apps
Top Product Launches.
Editing or making a beautiful Github to showcase on your profile has now become as easy as drag-an-drop.
Lofi music + Nature Sounds = Productivity 📈
Tech news you should not miss
Stop Listening to Interest-as-Income Advice by Crypto 'Experts'
Web 3.0 is About Ownership and Self-Sovereignty
AWS, Azure and GCP Pricing: The True Cost of DevOps
A secret product for you.
There are a lot of knowledge-based platforms for making and engaging with the content out there, but nothing like Tealfeed. Tealfeed is one of the best knowledge-sharing platforms that keep people’s feed informative and empowers creators. Join their beta version & be the first to try exciting features.
Tealfeed - A knowledge sharing platform
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Hi, I am Abhiraj. I am a web developer and blogger based in India.
‘til next time,
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