Abhiraj's Dev-letter - Issue #2



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How’s it going my friends?
Welcome to the #2nd edition of Abhiraj’s Dev-letter. Enjoy!

Javascript snippets you need to know right now. (Part 2)
So yes, I am back with 10 JS Snippets of code you should not forget.
Products of the Week
Build websites with Notion and get in to the no-code movement.
Ever thought about creating a website from your notes/handwriting? Well, you can do it now with Paper.
Need animated designs/mockups fast? Animockup to your rescue.
Tech News
I don’t know about you but uploading my mind to the web seems damn cool
The Pros and Cons of Uploading your Mind Online
Security = Awesome
8 Must-Have Security Tools for Developers
A secret for you
Have you ever felt the need to revise important methods and snippets during your coding session? Well, you need a cheatsheet.
Here, I have got for you the ultimate cheatsheets you will ever need.
PS: you can now download it too!
We have come to the end of today’s issue. Stay tuned to Abhiraj’s Dev-letter for more tech content.
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