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Oh sh*t!
I really messed up this Saturday again!
Forgive me for the blunder and enjoy the 15th edition of Abhiraj’s Dev-letter

Must-reads of the week
Ever thought of dangling in the profession of designing?
If you did and you do want to or even if you never thought about it, I’m sure you would require a few design tools to go about it. Here are 200+ design resources that you need to know in 2022
200+ Design resources you must know right now!
The terminal is generally boring and stays that way for the rest of its sad life! But did you know you can format your terminal with a python library to make it stand out!
The terminal formatting library you need in 2022
Threads of the week
Abhiraj Bhowmick
Figma can be said to be a haven for designers. 🔥

It has a plethora of plugins to enhance your experience. 🚀

Here are 10 underrated @figma plugins you must check out! ❤

A thread👇🧵

#figma #webdesign #prototyping #designer #webdev #plugins
Abhiraj Bhowmick
APIs allow developers to create complex functionality more easily.

Here are 5 popular APIs you can get started with!🚀

A thread👇🧵

#webdev #apis #API #javascript
Tech news around the world
What Domain Ending Should Your Startup Be? 66.5% of Top Startups Use Dotcom
Is Blockchain Technology The Answer To Future Online Gaming?
Courier Elemental: An Omni-channel Markup Language for Notifications
How to Save Your Crypto Safely: Overview of Non-Custodial Wallets
What Companies are Hiring for the Metaverse?
That's it for the day!
Thanks for reading and see you in the next one!
Until next time,
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Abhiraj @rainboestrykr

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