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Abhiraj's Dev-letter - Issue #1

Hello everyone!
Welcome to the first issue of Abhiraj’s Dev-letter. Thank you for signing up and you will not regret it.

Must reads of the week
So this week I started my brand new series named, 50 Essential Javascript Snippets. Every week I give you 10 snippets for 5 weeks which are beneficial for you to use in your programming. You can read the first edition below.
Javascript Snippets you need to know right now. (Part 1)
Have you ever wondered what is DevOps? Has it ever left you scratching your head? Well, not anymore. Click below to read DevOps explained like you’re five.
DevOps for dummies
Favourite ProductHunt posts
Below listed are some of my favourite products from the last 2 weeks.
Top Tech news around the world
Is the dream of working at FAANG the cost of being human?
Read how China is now taking on the Internet.
Are you still confused about the Metaverse? Here’s how you won’t be anymore.
Who Are the Top 3 Front Runners in the Metaverse Empire?
Shhh… here’s a special link for you containing 500+ resources for developers. I’ll launch on PH next week, but since you signed up here, you get a sneak peek.
Welcome - Dev Resources
That’s a wrap for today then, matey. Stay safe and stay cool
Until next time,
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